The main purpose of Team Wayfarer is to provide a facility to develop the sailing skills and confidence of new adult recruits. To do this we can initially crew them with an experienced member, they then continue with mutual support. This is not a substitute for the initial training courses, but can follow on from those courses. It is also suitable for members returning to dinghy sailing who need to regain their confidence in company with other members. Also established members who normally sail solo can use the boat for the occasional family outing.
The team uses the Club Wayfarer ‘Star Streamer’ which has a capacity of four and is ideal for the purpose.
Any member can join Team Wayfarer. All we ask is that you take care of the boat and report deficiencies. Any work needed is generally done on Weds morning maintenance sessions.
Anyone interested in joining Team Wayfarer can do so by contacting Chris Dobbs on