After extensive planning, a great deal of very hard work by a small working group led by Jane & Peter, the day got off to a great start with glorious weather showing off the view from the balcony to its very best.

Numerous members from Combe Cellars and Eastcliff centres pitched up from 11 a.m. to man the kitchen, the new members’ desk, the bar and the meeters and greeters.

The flow of interested parties never stopped all day and all were given refreshment and a very clear idea of what TCYC is all about.

After a brief period to clear the decks and prepare for the second group of visitors in the evening session, it all started again and businesses and community leaders came to see where they could hold their seminars and business meeting etc.

I am pleased to report that the responses from all of our guests were very complimentary and a significant number of new members were signed up during the day.

To quote Ian Clay, “…90% of the thanks is really due to you three (Jane, Peter and Andrew) for the amazing amount of work & effort you have all put in. You have every reason to be extremely pleased with the result”.