All members are welcome to attend an informal new members evening on Saturday April 6th to welcome our members who have joined us in the last year.
We will be giving a short presentation to the new members lasting no more than 30 minutes to familiarise them with those activities of the club that they may not be aware of.
7.30 ARRIVAL – Slide show/Video of Clubs events
WELCOME & INTRODUCTION – Peter Harvey, Commodore.
HOUSE & SOCIAL COMMITTEE, – Ted Phillips Vice Commodore.
YACHT RACING. – Giles Bowerman.
SOCIAL CRUISING – Colin Davies Rear Commodore (Cruisers)
YACHT RACING. – Ray Potter. Rear Commodore (Dinghies)
CADET TRAINING – Ben Miles / Don Harrison.
8.15 END of formal presentations and break for individual discussions/follow up/ drinks/ nibbles.