Penny Tranter is a leading member of arguably the greatest weather forecasting organisation in the world, the British Metrological Office.

Among other things she has been a training manager and has advised emergency responders on major incident planning.

She forecast weather for the London Olympics and the Para Olympics sailing events.

She was for many years a weather presenter for the BBC.

On the 27th May Penny presented a talk giving a definitive analysis of the weather, its causes, interpretation and consequences, to the Teign Corinthian Yacht Club at its Eastcliff clubhouse.  Also in attendance were members of the Lifeboat Institution and other groups.

The importance of correct weather prediction cannot be underestimated for those who go to Sea in ships.   That includes dinghies!

Penny explained the principles governing the various wind directions around the UK coastline and their significance.  She explored the categories of different cloud formations and the effects of warm and cold fronts.  Of particular interest were conclusions obtained by the Met’s super computer in relation to onshore and offshore winds.

Anyone who missed this talk will be disadvantaged on the water unless they can match Penny’s mastery of the subject.