On the evening of the 22nd APRIL 2016 The Teign Corinthian Yacht Club continued it’s monthly Talk series at the Eastcliff Clubhouse with a presentation form Marine Biologist Rachel Cole.

We were entertained with a humorous and informative exploration of our coastal waters colourfully illustrated with a spectrum of animal creatures from wales and sharks to plankton and tiny microbes.

Rachel introduce the Community Seagrass Initiative’ whose object is to obtain data on conditions in our area with a view to protecting our environment.

She first showed us Hydrographic Office charts of our coastline marked with the location of the sea grass.  She then explained how our sailors could take part in this project.

Rachel produced a 30mm white disc called a ‘Secchi Disc’.  The disc was attached to a weight on one side and a retractable tape measure on the other.  The idea is to lower the disc into the water on the seaward side of the sea grass bed, and to let it sink until it goes our of sight.  The depth is then read off from the tape measure.  This discloses the clarity of the water.  The time and location are recorded and can be transmitted by mobile phone or by manual recording to the research centre.

Several members volunteered to take part and were supplied with free Secchi Discs and charts.

This is an opportunity for ordinary sailors to take part in this important research.

Anyone wishing to volunteer can do so by going to the cis-seagrass.co.uk website and completing the contact section.