Dinghy Fleets

Dinghy Fleets

The regular dinghy races are a mixture of races for separate fleets of Solos and Handicap dinghies and joint races where both fleets sail as one handicap fleet.

Solo Fleet

TCYC has an enthusiastic Solo fleet comprising over twenty Solos. The races are well attended by the owners and offer close fleet racing. The fleet contains dinghies whose ages range from new to several decades old with some of the older boats peforming very well against their newer peers. There is a lot of expertise within the club in both maintaining and tuning the boats and this affords an easy path for anyone thinking of moving to the fleet.


Handicap Fleet

The handicap fleet contain a variety of single hander and two-hander dinghies from fast boats such as the RS100 and Vortex to the ubiquitous Lasers and Toppers. A new class to the club is the K1 self-righting dinghy.




Cadet Fleet

The Cadets sail as part of the general handicap fleet and compete for the same trophies. The slower boats such as Toppers and Qubas and Teras sail a reduced number of laps and the handicaps are calculated accordingly.