A Scorpion that doesn’t sting!

So what you might ask? Well, this is Teignmouth Corinthian Yacht Club’s(TCYC) way of extending a free invitation to you. You can sample open sea boating in a safe and secure way. The yacht is named Scorpion and for those wanting more detail – a 1720 Cork class boat designed in Cork, Southern Ireland in 1994. This your chance to do something really different and be a conversation piece for a party. Bring a friend to share the experience.

Get your binoculars out. The yacht can be seen moored off Polly Steps at Teignmouth. Every Wednesday evening from April until October, Scorpion is joins in our friendly cruiser racing series. We meet at Polly Steps at 1730 (Half past five for land lubbers) and are usually back between 2030 and 2100 (Half past eight to nine), just in time to pop up to the yacht for a well-earned drink and a meal. Highly experienced skippers do the difficult bits and up to six crew are shown what to do, when and how, from pulling ropes to steering.

Not everyone wants to be a small dinghy sailor. This is an ideal way for novices upwards, to taste big boat sailing as well as sensing the adventure of being in a team and facing the elements. At 6 metres long there is room enough for six crew. Teenagers to the seventies plus have been on the boat and you don’t need Sir Ben Ainslie fitness.

We provide the kit and life jackets. You just need some warm and wet-proof outer wear. The boat is very safe and self-righting. With 630 kgs of lead weight in the fixed keel – very stable.

If you can’t make a Wednesday evening we will run a number of taster days during the summer to give you a feel of sailing a keel boat and if you want to learn more we will be running a keel boat crewing course.

We hope that the experience will tempt you to join the club, try our other activities and take part in our training courses so that you can move on to other boats in the club.

We have all scanned the Lyme Bay horizon from Teignmouth seafront. What are the boats doing and what is it like aboard? Now you have the chance to see what it is really like.

If this has whetted your appetite, contact Steve Pocock or see our website www.tcyc.org.ukto find out more.