Don Harrison, the Race Officer for the weekend writes:


Weather conditions were challenging, especially for the club’s junior sailors. On Saturday, strong winds had been forecast and they duly arrived with gusts of over 25 mph, blowing from the South, which meant that a fair course had to be set across the width of the river, rather than along its length. A figure-of-eight course was set for the adult sailors, which all seemed to enjoy. Juniors sailed a shorter course set between two marks, which gave them a lot of fun, but also led to a number of capsizes.


The weather forecast for Sunday was for Westerly winds and less strong. The direction was correct, but the wind-speed stayed much higher than had been predicted. This again made for challenging conditions for the junior sailors and there was a lengthy delay before the start of the first race, following numerous junior capsizes and the need to get all novice juniors back to the slipway. All three fleets sailed a triangular course, with the juniors sailing a shorter course set inside the adult’s. The first race gave some exciting sailing, especially on the downwind legs, with the quickest boats sailing at the upper limit of their boat speed. Further delays due to technical problems meant that only the second race, ‘Bart’s Bash’ could be sailed. 15 boats came to the line for an all-in start round a measured course of 1,000 metres. The race consisted of 2 laps, with the boats flying round the course in fine style.


Race results are recorded under the Dinghies heading.