Team Wayfarer update


Team Wayfarer. The main purpose of Team Wayfarer is to provide a facility to develop the sailing skills and confidence of new adult recruits. To do this we can initially crew them with an experienced member, they then continue with mutual support. This is not a substitute for the initial training courses, but can follow…

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Wayfarer Update.


1. The jockey wheel has been removed from the launching trolley. 2. The boat has been rebalanced on the launching trolley to ease handling. 3. A wooden bow rest has been fitted to guide the bow during recovery. 4. A rope handle has been fitted to the centre board to help raising and lowering. 5. The…

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Push the Boat Out success


On 13th May 2015 TCYC held its first Push the Boat Out event at Coombe Cellars.   The club was attended by 15 visitors, 12 of whom were taken out in dinghies onto the Teign Estuary where they experienced sailing under perfect conditions.  Two Wayfarer dinghies were employed, the first being the recently restored Team Wayfarer…

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Team Wayfarer self deployment


Hi Members, I have created a series of events at the weekends for the whole of May 2015. If you want to sail on a particular date but haven’t a crew just click on ‘accept’ for the date concerned. Other members may do the same, and where you choose the same date you have a…

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Team Wayfarer operational.


The Wayfarer was first sailed by Tom, his son, and Chris on 17th April and has been used for training by ‘Sailing with Sam’.  The boat has performed very well except for a sticky centre board.  This has now been seen to.  There are two sailing events coming up arranged through the Teamer website involving four members,…

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Team Wayfarer progress report 9


On 15th April Paul and Chris fixed the floor boards and rigged the Wayfarer with some assistance from Ben Flowers. Team Wayfarer are now ready to go. All members will be registered on the ‘Teamer’ contact system and a launch date will be agreed.

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Team Wayfarer progress report 8


On 8th April 2015 Paul and Chris finished off the upturned hull of the Wayfarer.  Toby assisted in repairing the launching trolley, the main roller of which was mostly departed.  A handy piece of pressure treated wood was fashioned and bolted to the launching trolley to replace the roller.  Members there present lifted the boat onto…

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Team Wayfarer progress report 7


On 1st April 2015 Paul and Chris attended to the Wayfarer.  Paul used a compound and electric polisher to clean the gel coat and Chris applied marine epoxy paste to the various minor abrasions on the hull. Next Wednesday 8th April will hopefully see the final fettling on the hull before it is turned right way…

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Team Wayfarer progress report 6


On 25th March 2015 Paul and Chris moved the boat to a position next to the clubhouse and with the help of other members turned it over to clean and examine the hull.  Some minor blemishes to the gelcoat will have be dealt with.  The centre board was removed and sanded down as was the rudder. …

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Team Wayfarer progress report 5


On 18th March Paul and Chris applied two coats of Oxford Blue soft gloss paint to the upper woodwork of the Wayfarer. Interest was shown by a knowledgeable group of regular members who were doubtful about the durability of the water based paint. However the paint dried quickly and proved itself impossible to remove from exposed skin! The…

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Team Wayfarer progress report 4


On Saturday 14th March, Kevin, Tom and Chris finished off the sanding of the upper woodwork of the Wayfarer.  It was a sunny and windy day with the temperature at about 5 degrees. The boat was moved close into the clubhouse where it was sheltered from the wind and there was a sun trap. A…

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Team Wayfarer progress report 3


On 11th March Kevin, Paul and Chris finished off the sanding of the woodwork and some final detail epoxy work was done.   A conference was conducted by those present at which it was decided that due to various superficial imperfections in the wooden surfaces they should be painted.  The colour Royal Blue was selected because it…

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