On Saturday 14th March, Kevin, Tom and Chris finished off the sanding of the upper woodwork of the Wayfarer.  It was a sunny and windy day with the temperature at about 5 degrees. The boat was moved close into the clubhouse where it was sheltered from the wind and there was a sun trap. A water based blue paint was applied to a small area of the deck. The paint did not spread onto the woodwork in an even film possibly because of the low temperature.  It was therefore removed.  The Team decided to apply varnish to the deck on the principle that if it didn’t look good enough it could be painted over.  A mix of 50% varnish and 50% thinners was applied. The boat was left uncovered next to the clubhouse to dry off.  There was interest shown by some members taking part in the Icebreaker series.

The next restoration session will be at 1000 hours on Wednesday 18th March 2015.