Cruiser Racing Sailing Instructions 2017

Teignmouth Corinthian Yacht Club
Wednesday Evening Cruiser Racing
2017 Series







The regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing.



Notices to competitors will be posted on the official notice board(s) located in the Foyer of the yacht club, they  may also be posted on the club web site and to  boat owners  by email.


Changes to the SI’s will be posted in the YC by 1800 on the Wednesday evening to apply to the following weeks race. They may also be posted on the club website and sent by email.

4.1 The race officer may use VHF Ch M1 / 37A to inform yachts of the course, to give a countdown and to inform those who are ocs. The Race officer may also use VHF to shorten course at any mark or to change the course.

All yachts are to maintain a listening watch on this channel throughout the race.





Dates and start times of racing are given in Attachment A:




Class flags and starting lights will be:

Class Flag Starting sequence light
Fast Fleet Numeral 1 Red
Slow Fleet Numeral 2 Green



Attachment C shows the location of racing areas and the approximate location of marks used




Attachment C show the courses, including the course letters, approximate location of the marks, the order in which marks are to be passed, and the side on which each mark is to be left.

9.1 Marks are described in Attachment C.

The area bounded by the Yellow Swimming buoys and the beach is designated as an obstruction and should be treated as a continuing obstruction. The bouys do not constitute marks of the course

Any yacht entering this area will be disqualified and score DNE

All drying rocks are to be passed to seaward.




A light system on the club balcony replaces the visual signals described in Rule 26.

The visual signals are as follows:-

Minutes before Starting Signal Visual Signal Means
5 Fleet Lights On Warning Signal
4 White Light On Preparatory Signal
1 White Light Off One Minute
0 Fleet Lights Off Starting Signal

This changes rule 26 and 30

 11.2 The starting line is a transit marked by Orange patches on the TCYC club house.
 11.3 A boat starting later than 10 minutes after her starting signal will be scored Did Not Start without a hearing. This changes rules A4 and A5.
 11.4 An individual recall will be signalled by a single long sound, the relevant fleet light(s) will be illuminated until all recalled vessels have started correctly or 5 minutes. The race officer may inform the ocs vessels(s) by VHF.

This changes rule 29.2


11.5 A General recall will be signalled with 2 sound signals and the red flashing light, class lights will stay illuminated.

The lights will be extinguished and one long sound signal made one minute before the start of the new start sequence

  If the race officer intends to apply a   starting penalty as laid out in  rule 30 to the restarted race the race officer will inform the fleet of this by VHF. This  changes rule 30


Shortened Course 2 Sound signals Amber light + fleet light
Abandonment 3 Sound Signals Red, Green and Amber + flashing red light
Postponement 2 Sounds Red, Green and Amber

This changes rules 27 and 32


12.2 Exceptionally the race officer may change the course after the start of a race but before any yacht has rounded the mark designating the start of the changed leg(s) of the course. The race officer will announce the change  using VHF Channel M1, the announcement being repeated after one minute

This changes rules 27 and 32





The finishing line is a transit marked by Orange patches on the TCYC club house.

 13.2 If the race committee is absent when a boat finishes, she should report her finishing time, and her position in relation to nearby boats, to the race committee at the first reasonable opportunity.
13.3 a). Exceptionally the race officer may shorten the course at any mark on the course.

b). The race officer will use VHF channel M1 to communicate this to competitors the announcement being repeated after one minute.

c).Under these circumstances the finish line will be a projection to seaward of the transit between the mark and the Eastcliff club house flag pole.

d).Yachts are to take their own finish time (synchronised to GPS time) on crossing the finish line and report it to the Race officer by VHF as soon as they have cleared the finish line.

This changes rule 32.2


The time limit for each race is 2 hours. If no yacht finishes within this time the race will be abandoned.

Boats falling to finish within 30 minutes of the first boat in their class will be scored Did not finish.

This changes  rules 35,A4 and A5




Protest forms are available at the TCYC Club house. Protests and requests for redress or reopening shall be delivered there within the appropriate time limit.

 15.2 For each fleet, the protest time limit is 90 minutes after the last boat has finished.
 15.3 Notices will be posted no later than 30 minutes after the protest time limit to inform competitors of hearings in which they are parties or named as witnesses. Hearings will be held in the protest room, located at TCYC club house, beginning at the time posted.
 15.4 Notices of protests by the race committee or protest committee will be posted to inform boats under rule 61.1(b).
 16.1 For the four Wednesday evening series:-
  3 races are required to be completed to constitute a series.
 16.2 (a)    When fewer than 5 races have been completed, a boat’s series score will be the total of her race scores.

This changes rule A2

  (b)   When from 5 or more races have been completed, a boat’s series score will be the total of her race scores excluding her worst score.

This changes rule A2

16.3 For the Mitchel Hodges Trophy a boat’s series score will be the total of all her race scores from all Wednesday evening races excluding her worst score

This changes rule A2

16.4 To request correction of an alleged error in posted race or series results, a boat may complete a scoring enquiry form available at the race office.
16.5 Rule A9 will be applied to all Wednesday evening series.



A boat that retires from a race shall notify the race officer by VHF as soon as possible.

17.2 All yachts must keep clear of commercial traffic within the vicinity of the harbour and its approaches.
17.3 All rocks shall be passed to seaward as shall the yellow swimming bouys
17.4 All yachts shall have an operational VHF radio capable of receiving VHF Channel M1 / 37a and shall maintain a listening watch during the race.

Except in an emergency, a boat shall neither make radio transmissions while racing nor receive radio communications not available to all boats. This restriction applies to mobile telephones and other wireless devices.


Prizes will be given as follow for the winners of each series .


Competitors participate in the regatta entirely at their own risk. See rule 4, Decision to Race. The organizing authority will not accept any liability for material damage or personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during, or after the regatta.


Each participating boat shall be insured with valid third-party liability insurance with a minimum cover of £2,000,000 per incident or the equivalent.


By participating in this event, competitors automatically grant to the organizing authority and the event sponsors the right, in perpetuity, to make, use, and show, at their discretion, any photography, audio and video recordings, and other reproductions of them made from the time of their arrival in the racing area, whilst racing and whilst returning to their moorings, without compensation.



Appendix A

Wednesday Night Cruiser Racing Programme 2017
Date Day Event Start Time OOD
12/04/2017 Wed Tune up race 18:15 RCC
19/04/2017 Wed Summer series 1 Race1 18:15 RCC
26/04/2017 Wed Summer series 1 Race2 18:30 RCC
03/05/2017 Wed Summer series 1 Race3 18:30 Coral
10/05/2017 Wed Summer series 1 Race4 18:45 Dancer
17/05/2017 Wed Summer series 1 Race5 18:45 Eau Rouge
24/05/2017 Wed Summer series 1 Race6 18:45 Firefox
31/05/2017 Wed Summer series 2 Race 1 18:45 Juno
07/06/2017 Wed Summer series 2 Race 2 18:45 Majic
14/06/2017 Wed Summer series 2 Race 3 18:45 Mayhem +
21/06/2017 Wed Summer series 2 Race 4 18:45 Scorpion
28/06/2017 Wed Summer series 2 Race 5 18:45 Snowstorm
05/07/2017 Wed Summer series 2 Race 6 18:45 Apache
12/07/2017 Wed Summer series 3 Race 1 18:45 Blue Pearl
19/07/2017 Wed Summer series 3 Race 2 18:45 Coral
26/07/2017 Wed Summer series 3 Race 3 18:45 Dancer
02/08/2017 Wed Summer series 3 Race 4 18:45 Eau Rouge
09/08/2017 Wed Summer series 3 Race 5 18:45 Firefox
16/08/2017 Wed Summer series 3 Race 6 18:45 Juno
30/08/2017 Wed Autumn Series 4 race 1 18:45 Majic
06/09/2017 Wed Autumn Series 4 race 2 18:30 Mayhem +
13/09/2017 Wed Autumn Series 4 race 3 18:30 Scorpion
20/09/2017 Wed Autumn Series 4 race 4 18:30 Snowstorm
27/09/2017 Weds Autumn Series 4 race 5 18:15 Apache
04/10/2017 Wed Autumn Series 4 race 6 18:15 Blue Pearl



Appendix B


TCYC Sailing Instructions

For clubhouse line start



Starting System


RRS26 is amended in that the Class Flags and other flag Signals shall be replaced with coloured lights as follows:




Red Light  IRC Fleet 1

Green Light  H/C Fleet

Preparatory Signal – White Light


The race officer MAY give a countdown to the signals at his discretion.


Combined start – all boats.


Signal                             Minutes To start

Fleet Lights on                        warning               1 sound          5

White on                                 preparatory         1 sound          4

White off                                                             1 sound          1

All fleet lights off          START                1 sound          0   


Boats over the line        – 1 additional, long sound and all fleet lights back on until

  all have started correctly or for a maximum of 5 minutes.


General recallred flashing light. + 2 sounds


Shortened courseamber light + fleet light + 2 sounds


Abandonmentred/green/amber + flashing red lights + 3 sounds


Postponementred/green/amber + 2 sounds


New Startall lights off + 1 sound, 1 minute before new start sequence.



Appendix C

TCYC Sailing Instructions

Possible Courses




Fleet 1 – Numeral pennant 1

Fleet 2 – Numeral pennant 2

1 S/F-A-B-E-S/F. (4 rounds. All marks to STB)

2 S/F-E-B-A-S/F. (4 rounds. All marks to Port)

3 S/F-A-M-E-S/F (4 rounds. All marks to STB)

4 S/F-E-M-A-S/F (4 rounds. All marks to Port)

5 S/F-A-D-E-S/F (4 rounds. All marks to STB)

6 S/F-E-D-A-S/F (4 rounds. All marks to Port)

7 S/F-A-B-D-E-S/F-A-M-E-S/F. (All marks to STB)

8 S/F-E-D-B-A-S/F-E-M-A-S/F (All marks to Port)

9 S/F-A-B-M-D-E-S/F-A-M-E-S/F. (All marks to STB)

10 S/F-E-M-B-A-E-M-A-S/F (All marks to Port)

11 S/F-E-D-M-B-A-S/F-E-M-A-S/F (All marks to Port)

E S/F-E-D-M-A-S/F-E-M-A-S/F (All marks to Port)

H S/F-A-B-M-E-S/F-A-M-E-S/F. (All marks to STB)

0  OOD will give the course over the radio at 15 min to the start and repeat it 10min to the start.